photographer (english)

Kankabono a.k.a bono

born in Bandung, 18 october 1977
The begin feel so bored at Computer Science collage in Parahyangan Catholic University
on 1996 and Civil Engineering on 1988, without plan Bono divert give full rein to graphic design and stage design. For the support that, Bono try to harmonize the couple occupation pass trough music and photography. Went he was a college student, he always go to building roof just for relax and listening Pink Floyd songs on fief CD player. Up the roof Bono seen a tangkuban perahu and burangrang mountain view, and than Bono taking that picture with Zenit camera type 500 from Bono High Senior School friend. That the first time Bono in love with photography.

Since that time embittered and needy toward photography knowledge to oblige search deep and deep
with asking to friends and trying to take pictures.In a row experience to experiences,
Bono more and more endless and progress on photography.

Friendship with Aqli, friend since Junior High School 1992 and in college they often taking picture together and at least accompany Bono to know a Jez O’Hare. Jez was a expert aerial photographer specially in Indonesia. Bono photography career more challenged because of knowledge and motivation from Jez. Other friend similarly is Ariza Latief (Icha) and Cheese Wedding Photographer give positive inspiration on Bono photography, specially for pre-wedding photography.

Build on 2006 depend on Bono self